Read below for detailed information about one of our many successful training programs. 

“Police and Race”

The Effective Communications Program to Improve Police Connections, Cooperation and Respect from Minority Populations

(6-hour or 8-hour program)

I. Welcome/Introductions 

  • Instructor introductions
  • Confidential Diversity Self-Test
  • What do we all have in common? DIVERSITY

II. What is meant by “Diversity?” “Racial Diversity?” “Racism?”

  • The Historical Context of Racism
  • Campus Racial Social Climate/Challenges
  • Levels of Understanding (awareness, tolerance and appreciation)
  • Breaking the “Appalling Silence” 
  • The “Global Village” Exercise (to illustrate global demographics)
III. The Dim./The Dimensions of Diversity
(What makes each of us unique?)

  • Biology
  • Family
  • Beliefs
  • Geography
  • Experiences
  • Ethnicity

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