The RESPONSE Personal Safety Program

“The body cannot go where the mind has not already been.”

We are witnessing an unprecedented increase in violent incidents in our society. Gun violence, knife attacks and other forms of personal violence are all at epidemic proportions throughout our country. Incidents are occurring in our schools (colleges, high schools, middle schools and even grade schools), shopping malls, movie theaters, businesses, hospitals, and most recently in our churches. The political debate that ensues following these horrific incidents makes it clear that our local and/or national governmental response does not prepare us as individuals in how to respond to or survive these violent encounters. As individuals, we need to develop our own personal safety program based on our abilities, belief systems and training to properly prepare for a threat of violence directed at our family, friends and co-workers. Ask yourself these few questions:

• What will you do if you are face to face with a man or women with a gun or knife?

• Are you prepared mentally and physically to respond to a life threatening situation?

• What is your personal safety program and plan of action?

The “RESPONSE” system trains you to protect yourself and others on how to survive a life threatening encounter. Proven techniques on how to disarm an individual and how to neutralize an edged weapon or personal attack are vital components of any personal safety program. You and your staff will be taken through scenario based training modules that will explain how to respond to and document such incidents. The psychological aspects of this encounter and the effects it has on the human body will also be presented. The time is now to begin preparing for this life threatening event. We never know what dangers the future will bring. The “RESPONSE” personal safety program is the proven personal safety training program for the 21st century.

R – Recognize suspicious behavior or dangerous conditions.

E – Escape; disengage from the area (Run away).

S – Safety; look for other safe zones (Shelter-in-place, nearest exits, etc.).

P- Protect yourself (Fight back, weapon disarming, developing a winning mindset).

O - Organizing your thoughts (Learning how to tell your story, documenting the event for Police).

N- Never give up, never doubt your actions, and never doubt your Ability.

S –Success is a state of mind. You must see yourself as a survivor. 

E –Even-minded (Maintaining a personal and physical calm).  

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