Training Programs

WSM Professional Development Programs:

(Specialized training programs for Security and Public Safety Officers in Higher Education, K-12, Hospitals/Healthcare, Industry, etc.)

  • Advanced Officer In-Service Training (effective patrol techniques, report writing, preliminary investigations, customer service, effective communications, crime prevention, emergency preparedness and threat assessment)

  • Appreciating Differences: The New Racial Diversity Program to Improve Community Relations, Cooperation, and Respect 

  • Emergency Preparedness (specialized training for all phases of the Incident Command System; Command Post/Tactical Operations, Emergency Operations Center, and Executive Policy Group)
  • Managing a Safe Clinical Environment: How to Deal with Aggressive Patients

  • Ethical Awareness: Building Professionalism and Trust in the Workplace

  • Active Shooter and Threat Assessment (lessons learned from prior active shooter incidents and how to recognize and respond to “red flags” of potential violence)

  • Advanced Supervisory Development and Leadership Training (the 15-step process of improving your supervisory and leadership effectiveness)

  • Alcohol and Other Drugs (current trends, recognition and best prevention strategies)

  • Officer Safety and the Communication Advantage of the Unarmed Officer (handcuffing and edged weapons training is optional)

  • Crowd Control (understanding of crowd dynamics and how to effectively recognize and respond to large crowd and riot situations)

  • Terrorists Threats and Truths (domestic and foreign terrorist threats in the US)

  • Advanced Communications and Officer Safety for the Unarmed Officer to offer a training curriculum specific to an un-armed security or public safety officer. 

If you are interested in any of these programs, please contact us at 585-484-9026.

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